Radio Battery Chargers

Impact Universal Radio Battery Chargers utilize our fully interchangeable cup system to support most new and discontinued two-way radio batteries. All units incorporate individual micro-processors that fully and safely support NiCd, NiMh, Li-Ion and LiPo battery chemistries. Watch our Charger Overview Video.

*More Charger Questions?* Read 6 Things to Consider When Buying Portable Two-Way Radio Vehicle Chargers and learn How to Extend the Life of Your Radio Battery and Save Money.

*Not sure which charger cup to buy?* View Our Charger Cup Selection Chart to find the right one for your radio model.

All our chargers feature:

  • Charge battery with or without radio attached    
  • Wide range of adapter cups available     
  • Rapid rate, quad-chemistry charging
  • LED charging / charged indicator

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Single Bank Rapid Vehicle Battery Charger for Portable Radios


Single Adapter Charger Cups


6 Bank Universal Rapid Two-Way Radio Battery Charger With USB


10 Ft Fused Cable Hard-Wire Kit for Charger Models AC/DC-3, AC/DC-6, and DC-1


Replacement DC Power Cable for AC/DC-6-USB, AC/DC-6LC, AC-DC-3 and DC-1 Chargers


Quick-Release Metal Wall-Mount Bracket for 6-Bank AC/DC Two-Way Radio Battery Chargers


Quick Release Vehicle Kit for AC/DC 6-bank Two Way Radio Battery Chargers

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