Accessory Solutions for the Construction Industry

Impact two-way radio accessories are already in use by some of the most intricate worksites in Construction; Fire Restrictive, Non-Combustible, Heavy Timber, Wood Frame and Ordinary Construction. Our most common products being used in the Construction industry are:

  • Hard Hat Headsets
  • Shoulder Speaker Microphones
  • Dual Muff Headsets
  • Listen-only Accessories
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Two-Way Radio Accessories for Construction crews

The Construction industry relies on high-quality communication equipment for various crews. Impact offers products that work in all aspects of the Construction industry:

  • Heavy Industrial
  • Industrial & Commercial
  • Engineering
  • Residential
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Suggested Products For This Industry


Over-the-Head, Single Speaker Two-Way Radio Headset with OEM-Style Metal Headband (Noise Cancelling)


dB Buster™ Acoustic Tube Elbow Filter for Two-Way Radio Surveillance Kit (OSHA Compliant)


dB Buster™ Acoustic Tube Eartips for Two-Way Radio Surveillance Kit (OSHA Compliant)


3.5MM L-Shaped Cable for PDM-HH-LO

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