Passive Talk-Through Earplugs

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This pair of earplugs with passive talk-through technology allows the wearer to hear but remain protected from loud noises, both impulse and continuous. By letting speech and undamaging environmental audio through, the earplugs provide situational awareness. Its Advanced Filter Technology improves speech and radio communication without distorting or muffling. They can be used with or without radio communications via acoustic tube mounting.

Use with one filter or two. The external filter is removable.

How it Works:

Uses two (2) mechanical filters which constrict upon loud noises and prevents them from damaging the eardrum. Has one (1) removable filter to reduce attenuation and/or to connect to acoustic tubes for radio communications.

Note that these are passive hearing protectors with passive situational awareness/talk-through and therefore will not provide the clarity of environmental audio that an electronic talk-through system would.


  • Floatable, moisture resistant
  • Breathable filter allows for pressure equalization
  • Attenuation increases as noise increases
  • Easy to use and clean
  • E.A.R., Inc. Customized Hearing Protection. Hear Defenders-DF
  • Washable and can provide up to 3 years of service
  • Size medium fits most

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